Integrity Through Service





Metalspec is the company for all of your  third party welding inspection, quality assurance and control needs. We offer a wide range of cutting edge inspection services that follow current industry codes and specifications.

Our mission is to provide our clients with professional, courteous service. As a result, we frequently receive repeat business from many of our clients. Metalspec strives to consistently exceed our client's expectations while maintaining the highest level of integrity possible.

We offer a full service from preparation and submission of preliminary weld procedures, QAM, QAP, SOP’s .through witnessing  tests and recording parameters to carrying out necessary non-destructive and mechanical testing as well as issuing final  documentation.

While most  bigger welding and fabrication companies have previously approved weld procedures in place, we have found in the past that many smaller companies, particularly those who are moving into new areas of work, do not. We have been able to help and advise such companies on the best way forward with regard to procedure approvals etc. for their specific requirements.

At Metalspec  we believe in delivering high quality, high value results while putting our client's interests first.

Let our qualified inspectors give your project the personal attention it deserves.

Contact Us today to learn more about the personalized services we can provide for your company. We will be happy to offer a competitive, no-obligation quote for your next project.

Integrity Through Service

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